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Automotive Cogged V Belt

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Automotive Cogged v Belt

1. Rubber impregnated cross woven cotton polyester fabric.
2. Low Stretch high modulous adhesive activated stiff polyester cable cord.
3. Molded cogs provide better flexibility for smaller diameter pulleys.
4. Fiber filled Polychloroprene compression rubber.
Cut edge moulded cogged V-belts have a precision cogged profile base which is designed for uniform stress distribution and superior heat dissipation.
Their construction permits greater flexibility and a higher kilowatt capacity for exceptional performance on small diameter pulleys, Classical, Wedge and Narrow section drives.
The robust construction is specially designed to fit the pulley grooves exactly, which allows maximum wedging action.
The belts are built with low stretch-high modulous stiff polyester tensile members to resist fatigue and shock loads. The cord and polychloroprene rubber are bonded to prevent separation and reinforcement layers on both sides of the tensile member improve cord stability. All belts are oil & heat resistant.




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