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Tapered Roller Bearings

Product Item: Tapered Roller Bearings
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Tapered Roller Bearings
Product Manual:Tapered Roller Bearings


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a、high speed, high precision
b、high rigidity, stand impact and vibration
c、can withstand big axial load
This bearing is suitable to bear composite load of axial load and radial load. Normally radial load is predominant but for great taper angle bearing the axial load could be predominant.

Taper roller bearing is a separable bearing. Its outer ring can be mounted individually from the unit of inner ring, cage and rollers. Its radial and axial internal clearance can be adjusted during installation; even can be a interference installation. For taper roller bearing stamped steel cage is common selection. For large size bearing, welded steel cage or pin-assembled cage is used.

Hob bearing of truck, shaft of large machine tool, wheel shaft box, large reducer, bearing of rollers of steel mill, etc.
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