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What kinds of mobile homes are analyzed

There are many types of mobile housing, such as: container mobile housing, spliced mobile housing, hoisting mobile housing, prefabricated mobile housing, color steel mobile housing, etc., different types, its advantages are not the same, you want to know their advantages?
Container mobile house is a more common type, it is a real sense of the mobile house, you can imagine at any time to move, different places to handle, this can be easily moved and installed. And in the construction process does not need to do the foundation, only a flat site, container mobile house, its biggest characteristics are mobile, solid practicality, ready-to-use, so it is very conducive to the use of the project site.
Spliced-type activity room, it does not have skeleton or a few skeleton site welding, and then the envelope structure fixed to the structure up, its economy and practical, the best number of times of movement is one to two, the composite plate damage rate is high, the site operation is large, labor costs.
The characteristic of hoisting type mobile house is that after one assembly, the whole can be lifted for countless times, the stable structure performance, is the ideal choice for moving, is also the most basic model of rv.

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