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Mobile house reinforcement design ideas

1) reinforcement design, construction and commitment of the original components of anhui mobile house to transform the room, and strive to reach the unit, the construction unit according to the confirmed experience and more reasonable design and implementation of anhui mobile house level.
2) the service life of the reinforced concrete structure building, by the owner and the design unit, is generally 30 years to specify the agreement. The local living structure and structural reinforcement have been used for no more than 50 years, as a result of the owner's project requirements or special needs, to have a longer life, measures should be taken aimed at anhui mobile home strengthening if necessary, experts will hold meetings to discuss and determine solutions. The original seismic design, low strength or old concrete building structure seismic fortification standard design, reinforcement of anhui mobile housing renovation of most of the existing code is difficult to meet the design requirements.
3) anhui mobile housing reinforcement by qualified design units or research units for reinforcement and renovation of anhui mobile housing design.
4) anhui mobile identification and detection of modifying reinforcement construction drawing design documents, but also needs and new construction plan file, send the file review construction drawing examination department, if the facade on the first floor or large temporary modification on the main street of the original roof, anhui should be approved by the local planning department in the design of mobile design documents (including test report, identification and evaluation of data, design drawings and calculations, the relevant approval documents, etc.), should be with the new design file.
Mobile home in anhui
The reinforcement materials used in the reconstruction design should be light to reduce the seismic response and avoid reinforcement on the original basis. Floor should improve the use of steel structure roof, light maintenance structure; Atomic structure, reduce or no reinforcement, to lower the impact of housing use, reduce the anhui mobile housing power transmission reinforcement of the original components, should be clear, simple structure, no damage or less damage to the existing structure, anhui mobile housing construction is convenient, low cost scheme; The second part of the new standard is to consider the pressure caused by the strength increase of the material due to the force lag. Should follow the reinforcement construction is simple, convenient, we can ensure anhui activity room quality, this is a reason.

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