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Materials for mobile homes

The color steel plate of the color steel plate of the activity room is made of color coated steel plate as the surface material, phenolic foam, self-extinguishing polystyrene, polyurethane, glass wool, rock wool as the core material, heat curing adhesive in the continuous molding machine heating pressure composite made of ultralight building plate. It has the following characteristics:
1, diversified specifications: such as enterprise, H, C, corrugated, and bright color, no surface decoration.
2, the installation of flexible and convenient: color steel composite plate not only a large number of construction infrastructure and structural engineering costs, and can be disassembled for many times, construction and installation flexible and convenient, comprehensive benefits are very significant.
3, good fire resistance: color steel plate core material for class B1 refractory material, its oxygen index ≥26, combustion will not melt, and no black smoke, no high-temperature decomposition dripping. For China's high grade fire protection building decoration composite plate, is the first choice of GMP plant decoration plate.
4. Wide range of operating temperature: the operating temperature of color steel plate core material ranges from -70℃ to +120℃, instantly reaching +200℃. When used in low temperature or even ultra-low temperature environment, it shrinks and is not brittle.
5, low thermal conductivity (<=0.041w/mk), thermal insulation performance.
6, non-toxic and tasteless: color steel plate core material without freon foaming agent, non-toxic and tasteless when burning, the spilled gas is harmless to the human body and the environment, in line with the national environmental protection requirements, is a new green environmental protection building materials.
7, waterproof and moisture-proof: color steel plate core material belongs to the organic polymer foam material, its structure belongs to the closed pore type, with good resistance to water absorption and water vapor permeability.
8, light weight (is 1/20 ~ 1/30) the weight of the concrete roof, thermal insulation, its coefficient of thermal conductivity value of 0.034 W/mk), the construction speed is fast (no wet operation, no secondary decoration, construction period can be reduced more than 40%), the bright color (without surface decoration, color galvanized steel anticorrosive layer of retention period in 15 to 30 years), is a set of bearing, thermal insulation, waterproof, decoration in one of the new enclosure structure material.
Caigang activity room has a long service life and a wide range of applications. Light weight, good stability, easy installation and convenient transportation. Ability to frequently disassemble and assemble. Suitable for construction, railway, highway, bridge, water conservancy, electricity, oil, tourism and military units; Its house is airtight, heat insulation, waterproof structure, moisture resistance, anti-corrosion, fire beautiful, firm and stable, arbitrary addition and subtraction, random spacing, color diversity and other excellent performance to meet the needs of different customers.
Its main products are: double slope series, single slope series, hoisting series, special-shaped house series, double-layer house series and other different types. Wall material has color steel composite board, fiber composite board, etc. The main structure of the product is frame disassembly, frame hoisting and assembly structure.

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